[Maxima] Fwd: xmaxima in 5.15 under Windows (Vista)

Fabrizio Caruso caruso at dm.unipi.it
Sat May 24 12:56:21 CDT 2008

The file (intro.html) is indeed there.

I must also say that xmaxima in Maxima 5.14 does not have this problem.
How come 5.15 broke it?


On Sat, 24 May 2008, Robert Dodier wrote:

>>  "couldn't open
>>  "C:/PRO.../share/maxima/515../xmaxima/INTRO...HTM": no such file
>>  or directory
> I believe the problem is that the Windows path with the abbreviations
> in it is being misunderstood (whether by Tcl or by the Windows
> filesystem itself, I don't know). Please try to verify if the intro.html
> file is present in your installation; my guess is that it is.
> If it is present, I don't know what to do, short of trying to rename
> the items in the path which have abbreviations (and even if you
> did that, I am not sure if it would resolve the problem).
> Sorry I can't be more helpful,
> Robert Dodier
> PS. I have Maxima 5.14.99rc1 installed on laptop w/ Vista,
> so it does work sometimes. But I remember being bitten by
> this pathname bug with some previous version.

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