[Maxima] how to control loading of maxima-init.mac??

Raymond Toy (RT/EUS) raymond.toy at ericsson.com
Tue May 27 12:17:00 CDT 2008

Oliver Kullmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following trouble (which seems to result in a
> feature-request):
> How to control the invocation of maxima-init.mac?
> a) It seems that calling a plain "vanilla" maxima is not possible?
> b) It seems that there is no command-line option for specifying the
> location of maxima-init.mac?
> c) It seems that neither by command-line options nor by build-configuration
> can the list of directories be influenced, which is used to search for
> maxima-init.mac?
> Especially b) seems very easy to achieve.

Yes, option b is fairly easy.  I arbitrarily called the option --noinit, 
and it suppresses loading of maxima-init.  maxima-init is searched in 
the normal paths used by file_search, but the loading of maxima-init 
might happen too early for you to change file_search paths.

Is having --noinit good enough for you?

Perhaps it would make sense for maxima to have a site-init file located 
in the same directory hierarchy as the installed maxima.  This could be 
similar to how sh works, which loads /etc/profile first, then the user's 
.profile.  I didn't investigate that, but it seems straightforward to do 
that.  I guess you would also want a --no-site-init option too.


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