[Maxima] [sage-devel] presentation about Maxima at Sage

Raymond Toy (RT/EUS) raymond.toy at ericsson.com
Wed Jun 18 15:34:54 CDT 2008

dfeustel at mindspring.com wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 12:48:15PM -0700, Richard Fateman wrote:
>> I like Peter Norvig's book, Paradigm's of AI Programming.
>> Also Paul Graham's books.
> Unfortunately, books on Lisp by Norvig and Graham appear to be
> unavailable via Amazon or my local librart,

I learned lisp from Winston and Horn.  Still available from Amazon.  I 
see PAIP is still available on Amazon, though.
>> They show you how powerful Lisp is, not just "describing the features".
>> You are probably full up on "the features" and need to have some programming
>> goal in mind.
> Actually, I am looking for a catalog of Common Lisp functions to study
> off-line as well as online. 

ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham has an appendix that briefly summarizes 
all of the CL functions.  Nicer than CLHS if you want a book, but not 
nearly as complete.

>> The online guides like CLHS will presumably fit in some device that
>> fits in your pocket.  But I think few people program in Lisp or any
>> other language "off line".  
> I find reading books is easier on my eyes than reading the screen when I
> have a lot to absorb.  What is CLHS?

Common Lisp Hyperspec.  The html version of the CL spec itself, more or 


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