[Maxima] simplification to a determinant

Alexandre Campos alexandre at emc.ufsc.br
Mon Jul 21 04:45:06 CDT 2008

Hi people,
I'd like to know if exist some way to "teach" maxima to recognize that some
terms in an expresion form a matrix determinant, e.g. that the expresion:

([dx (dx s1y s2z - dy s1x s2z - dx s1z s2y + dz s1x s2y
 + dy s1z s2x - dz s1y s2x) (s4x s5y s6z - s4y s5x s6z - s4x s5z s6y
 + s4z s5x s6y + s4y s5z s6x - s4z s5y s6x)])


dx (determinant(M))(determinant(N))

where M is matrix:

dx   dy   dz
s1x s1y s1z
s2x s2y s2z

and N is the matrix

s4x s4y s4z
s5x s5y s5z
s6x s6y s6z

Thanks in advance,

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