[Maxima] Hypergeometric function notation

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Tue Jul 29 10:45:43 CDT 2008

-----"Robert Dodier" <robert.dodier at gmail.com> wrote: -----

>>  (0) The subscripts on %f give redundant information. We could have
>> maxtex & displa include these subscipts.
>Well, if that's the case, then omit the redundant subscripts from
>the (...) part, not the [...].

I take this back, the subscripts aren't redundant. We could allow
(here 'a' and 'b' are non-lists):

  f : %f[2,1](a,b,x) --> noun form,
  subst([a = [1,1], b = [1]], f)  --> 1/(1-x),
  subst(a = [1,2,3], f) --> error!

Such a scheme (plus, I suppose, a simplifying push function) would allow
us to do fun things with derivatives of the hypergeometric functions...


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