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Viktor T. Toth vttoth at vttoth.com
Tue Jul 29 15:55:06 CDT 2008

I just checked, and on my systems (both Windows and Linux), in both 5.15.0
and the current CVS version, Maxima behaves as it did before:

(%i1) 10;20;
(%o1)                                 10
(%o2)                                 20

I.e., (%i2) is not printed.


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Dear Maxima programmers,

I have incorporated Maxima into my program Euler some time ago, and am very
happy with this combination of MatLab like computation and symbolic algebra.
However, with 5.15.0 I got a severe problem I cannot solve.

I am using pipes to speak to Maxima and get the results. This works well,
besides the problem that I am doing hard to determine the end of a Maxima
computation. Maxima sometimes sends its output in two chunks, so I cannot
simply wait until no character is available in the input line. 

Until now, I used the input prompt to determine the end of the output.
However, in Version 5.15.0 Maxima sends this prompt even between multiple
commands in a line. So, sending "10; 20;" will return the two prompts. The
Maxima output looks like:

(%o1)                                 10
(%i2) (%o2)                                 20

Sometimes it stops after (%i2) and sends the rest in a separate chunk.

Before, the Maxima output was

(%o1)                                 10
(%o2)                                 20

So, I am stuck here, since I can no longer determine the end of the Maxima
output, unless I analyze the input myself and count the commands (a
nuisance, which might even not work).

Has anyone an idea how to solve this?

R. Grothmann

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