[Maxima] download page

Andrej Vodopivec andrej.vodopivec at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 10:43:25 CDT 2008

The windows release is offered because windows installer was uploaded
after source and linux binaries. The way the download site looks like,
download statistics etc. is not something we control. The download
section changed since our last release and we need to learn how to
best use it.

As I mentioned before you need to go to
to get platform specific files.


2008/8/25 Oliver Kullmann <O.Kullmann at swansea.ac.uk>:
> Hi,
> since a few days, the Sourceforge download page only
> offers *windows* downloads, that is, following the
> link from the Maxima homepage, one arrives at
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4933
> where then only the release
>        5.16.3-Windows
> is offered, for both browsers I'm using, Konqueror and Firefox.
> If this is caused by the download site trying to figure out my
> "needs", then I don't think "intelligent" behaviour on the download site is
> a good idea (on the contrary, I think it's a pretty bad idea):
> First, often these things don't work (like in my case, as a
> Linux user). And then what about  Linux users wanting to download
> a windows file, or vice versa??
> The problem is not really diminished by the fact that now apparently
> the "standard" is an operating system which by its nature wants to
> eliminate every other choice. If suddenly some unknown operating
> system would show up, one would feel a bit surprised, and this
> potentially even positively, but, at least for me, this is not
> the case when suddenly only microsoft shows up (since this is not
> exactly uncommon).
> It is also furthermore rather strange that the counters for Linux
> downloads don't work (while the microsoft counters seem to work,
> though I can't check it).
> I really think that the obvious favouritism of microsoft products
> at the Maxima download pages is inadequate.
> Oliver

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