[Maxima] list functions

John Lapeyre pdl at johnlapeyre.com
Wed Sep 3 05:32:50 CDT 2008

> Does someone have a library roughly equivalent
> to some of the the Mma list functions ?
>   Take,Partition,Split,...

Such a library is useful because I am translating/recoding
some Mma code, and sometimes it would be  easier to translate
it more directly.

Looking at the archives, I don't see much talk about it.
Anyway, here are four Mma functions that I needed. I think its
worth posting these somewhere. Of course they should have
some error checking, etc., added.

/* list_partition. Similar to Mma's Partition
   but this treats overhanging differently.
   list_partition(x,n) partitions list x into a n
   parts (each the element of a list)
   list_partition(x,n,d) does the same with offset d
    --> [[a,b],[c,d],[e,f]]
    --> [[a,b],[b,c],[c,d],[d,e],[e,f]]

list_partition(x,n,[id]) := block([d:0],
  if length(id) = 1 then d : id[1],
  if length(x) <= n   then [x] else

/* fold. Same as Mma Fold, ie,
  fold(f,x,[a,b,c]) --> f(f(f(x,a),b),c)

fold(f%,x,v) := if length(v)=1 then apply(f%,[x,v[1]])
	         else apply(f%,[fold(f%,x,rest(v,-1)),last(v)]);

/* foldlist. same as Mma FoldList, ie,
  foldlist(f,x,[a,b,c]) --> [x, f(x,a), f(f(x,a),b), f(f(f(x,a),b),c)]

foldlist(f%,x,v) := block( [e],
		 if length(v)=0 then [x]
	         else ( e : foldlist(f%,x,rest(v,-1)),

/* nest. Same as Mma Nest
   ie nest(f,x,3) --> f(f(f(x)))
nest(f%,x,n) := if n=0 then x
	         else if n=1 then apply(f%,[x])
                  else apply(f%,[nest(f%,x,n-1)]);

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