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Alexey Beshenov al at beshenov.ru
Fri Oct 3 12:26:07 CDT 2008

On Friday 03 October 2008 21:19 you wrote:
> postscript: Is there available a version of xmaxima for Ubuntu
> 8.04.1? & if so, how (or from where) can I (try to) obtain it?

  $ aptitude search maxima
  p   maxima
  p   maxima-doc
  p   maxima-emacs
  p   maxima-share
  p   maxima-src
  p   maxima-test
  p   wxmaxima
  p   xmaxima

  $ sudo apt-get install maxima maxima-doc

Also it may be useful to do

  $ sudo apt-get install gnuplot gnuplot-x11

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