[Maxima] Make failure in CVS

本田 康晃 yhonda at mac.com
Tue Nov 18 23:27:44 CST 2008

Dear Viktor,

Currently I am out of japan and does not have access to my Mac at home,
which is necessary for fixing this. I will be at home on Nov. 23 at earliest.
I will fix the issue as soon as I get back.

Yasuaki Honda
08/11/19 (水曜日) 09:57AM、 "Viktor T. Toth" <vttoth at vttoth.com>のメッセージ:
>I updated my CVS and I found that I am getting a make failure:
>interfaces/emacs/imaxima/Makefile.am:16: required file
>`interfaces/emacs/imaxima/mdate-sh' not found
>This failure occurred even though I did a make clean before the CVS update,
>and a ./configure afterwards. (However, I did not attempt to download a
>clean copy of the archive.) I solved the problem by creating a zero-length
>touch interfaces/emacs/imaxima/mdate-sh
>after which Maxima compiled cleanly with all four lisps I use
>(GCL/CLISP/CMUCL/SBCL). Nontheless, if this issue happens on other people's
>systems, too, it should probably be fixed in the makefile.
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