[Maxima] limit(1/x, x, 0) => infinity

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Mon Dec 22 09:26:42 CST 2008

The Maxima limit function doesn't have a mechanism for declaring the
domain. so Maxima is unable to correctly determine limits such as (Z =
integers, R = reals)

  limit(x in Z |-> sin(pi * x),x,inf) = 0
  limit(x in R |-> sin(pi * x),x,inf) = und

Sometimes, conflating a function with its formula causes trouble.
But I think limit(1/x, x, 0) => infinity is OK.


-----maxima-bounces at math.utexas.edu wrote: -----

>That was Stravros's reasoning in the bug report.  Maxima still
>has some problems distinguishing und from infinity - for example,
>limit(log(x), x, 0) and limit(exp(x*%i)*x,x,inf) currently return
>und but technically should return infinity.

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