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Alexey Beshenov al at beshenov.ru
Sat Dec 27 16:47:33 CST 2008

On Sunday 28 December 2008 00:58:53 Richard Fateman wrote:
> 1. There is a typo, is -> its.
> 2. Here as elsewhere, I think that the text for commands should
> generally be terminated by $, not ;,
> except where the output conveys some information.  When it just
> echos the input line as in the explanation for macros, it wastes
> considerable screen space as well as the time of the reader, who
> may feel obligated to study the
> output to see what has been transformed, only to find that it is
> identical except for
> spacing.

I replaced

  x: %pi;
  y: 1234;
  z: 1729 * w;
  printe1 (x) := block (print ("(1) x is equal to", x),
    '(print ("(2) x is equal to", x)));
  printe1 (y - z);


  x: %pi$
  y: 1234$
  z: 1729 * w$
  printe1 (x) := block (print ("(1) x is equal to", x), 
    '(print ("(2) x is equal to", x)))$
  printe1 (y - z);

I can take time to correct useless ";" in every .texi,
if no one objects.

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