[Maxima] Integral lookup and CLISP

Billinghurst, David (RTATECH) David.Billinghurst at riotinto.com
Sun Jan 4 17:19:12 CST 2009

> From:  Dieter Kaiser
> CLISP has a problem with the routine to lookup the integrals 
> for the Bessel functions. The following code is the reason:
> 	    ;; If form is a function then evaluate it with actual args
> 	    (or (not (functionp form))
> 		(setq form (apply form real-args))))
> In CLISP the expression (functionp (lambda (x y) ... )) gives 
> always NIL and not T as is expected. The evaluation is not 
> done and later in the code we get an Lisp Error with the 
> unevaluated lambda expression.
> For GCL the test with functionp works.
> Dieter Kaiser

I can reproduce this with CLISP 2.46 on cygwin, and I think that 
CLISP is correct.

The common lisp hyperspec for FUNCTIONP gives as examples:
 (functionp '(lambda (x) (* x x))) =>  false
 (functionp #'(lambda (x) (* x x))) =>  true
CLISP conforms, but gcl gives true in both cases.

I need to read up on this some more.  Suggestions/patches welcome.

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