[Maxima] memory

Michel Talon talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Wed Jan 7 10:22:39 CST 2009

Robert Dodier wrote:

> On 1/6/09, Adam Majewski <adammaj1 at o2.pl> wrote:
>>  Here is the program which IMHO needs more memory
>>  Try change jMax  to 50 or 100 to see effect.
> Adam, I ran your program for jMax=30 and jMax=50 and it
> seemed to run OK -- it took about 5 minutes and 8 minutes
> respectively on a 3 GHz PC. The Lisp implementation is Clisp --
> I have noticed that GCL seems to use more memory than
> some other Lisps. You might consider using a different Lisp.
> best
> Robert

Here i did run it for jMax=30 in 82 s. 
It is on a P4 at 3Ghz running
FreeBSD and maxima 5.17.1 compiled with cmucl. I have not encountered
any memory problem (the lisp process grew to 120 Megs resident) 
and no problem parsing
load(draw); /* Mario Rodríguez Riotorto 
The plot itself looks nice.

Michel Talon

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