[Maxima] revision & translation of errors and other messages

Juan Pablo Romero Bernal jromerobernal at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 18:49:05 CST 2009


> If there isn't too much opposition I'd like to arrange for
> MERROR and MTELL to run their arguments through gettext.
> The gettext code is pretty straightforward but I'll need some
> help about putting .po/.mo files in the right place. Also of course
> we'll need to find someone to make each .po file.

> As part of this effort, I am planning to revise the existing
> messages to a uniform format; the messages were written
> by many people according to different conventions, so I
> think it's a good idea to make them all follow the same
> convention before translating them.

It's s good work !. May be Andrej Vodopivec and others wxMaxima
developers can help about the use of gettext and translating conventions.

I can help with Spanish traslation.


Juan Pablo Romero Bernal
Grupo Linux Universidad Distrital
Blog: http://jpromerobx.blogspot.com/

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