[Maxima] A couple of questions

Andrey G. Grozin A.G.Grozin at inp.nsk.su
Wed Mar 11 10:26:27 CDT 2009

On Wed, 11 Mar 2009, ?iga Lenar?i? wrote:
>> 90% of the machines are probably window/intel machines so this has
>> been achieved.
>> (plus the linux/intel machines.)
> Through GCL, yes, but it's rather slow, doesn't support FFI (as far
> as I know) and is more or less a dead project.
Timings of the testsuite on my PC (in sec):

clisp 392
cmucl 166
gcl   156
sbcl  246

So, if the testsuite is somehow representative, gcl is about 2 times 
faster than sbcl. It would be very good if somebody could improve gcl, 
especially by implementing FFI.


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