[Maxima] multiple versions of maxima

Jaime Villate villate at fe.up.pt
Fri Mar 20 20:23:39 CDT 2009

On Sáb, 2009-03-21 at 00:34 +0000, Jaime Villate wrote:
> > It looks like I'm starting the correct version of maxima, but no
> > communication is occurring between maxima and xmaxima. Is there yet
> > another parameter I need to include to correct this behavior?
> Oops! There is a bug indeed. This used to work but now I get the same
> error you get: it only works with the latest version. I will
> investigate
> what's going on.

I've found the source of the bug:

Up to version 5.17.1, Maxima's "server" used to be called with a
   maxima -r ":lisp (start-server 4008)"
but since a couple of months ago it is now been called with:
   maxima -r ":lisp (start-client 4008)"

When you call the latest version, it works with "start-client" but when
you attempt to call a previous version the same command "start-client"
That will be easy to fix: I'll do it over the weekend.

If you want, you can do a quick fix yourself:

Copy /usr/local/bin/xmaxima to another file such
as /usr/local/bin/xmaxima-old

Then edit that file (it is a plain text script) and replace the two
places where start-client occurs by start-server
You can then use "/usr/local/bin/xmaxima-old -u 5.17.1" to start that
version, or older ones, and: "/usr/local/bin/xmaxima" to start the
latest version.

Thank you very much for reporting this bug!

I'd be interested to receive any feedback from your comparison between
wxmaxima and xmaxima so I can try to improve xmaxima.


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