[Maxima] Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Paulo Ney de Souza desouza at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Mar 28 00:46:10 CDT 2009

You ought to be kidding that it is okay! It is one of the worst 
translations I have ever seen! The two initial phrases of the 
translation don't even have an article! Since when do you say in Portuguese:

         "Maxima é derivado do sistema Macsyma."

The correct way is to say that is "O programa Maxima é derivado do 
sistema Macsyma." It looks like someone piped the English text into 
Google Translation and then into a speller and nothing else. If that is 
the drill, we probably should post Maxima documentation on all 43 
languages that Google offer translation on.... if it is Portuguese is 
probably from Goa and not Brazil.

Reading a few pages  into the manual can yield quite a few perls:
                  Testes que produzem a resposta desejada são 
considerados "passes,"

                  números de versão

and from there it goes ...

Somebody at the commit group for the sources should trow that stuff in 
closes trash can available.

Paulo Ney de Souza

Jorge Barros de Abreu wrote:
> On Thursday 26 March 2009 12:57:37 Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves wrote:
>> I want to help to improve the Maxima translation to Brazilian Portuguese.
> It is ok to me.

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