[Maxima] Bug in derivabbrev? in defrule?

Martin Schönecker ms_usenet at gmx.de
Tue Mar 31 07:39:59 CDT 2009


judging from what the maual says about derivabbrev, I think it should 
affect only the way expressions are displayed, and not affect calculations.

Using the default value of derivabbrev, the following (nonsense example) 
is ok:

(%i1) derivabbrev;
(%o1) false

(%i2) defrule(
(%o2) dr:'diff(aa,bb,cc)->foo

However, using derivabbrev: true, I get an error

(%i3) derivabbrev: true;
(%o3) true

(%i4) defrule(
Maxima encountered a Lisp error:
  Error in > [or a callee]: $CC is not of type (OR RATIONAL LISP:FLOAT).
Automatically continuing.
To reenable the Lisp debugger set *debugger-hook* to nil.

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