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Dear Robert 
      thanks a lot. 
When I put solveradcan:true , then the source eq. 9^x-3^x-6=0 can be solved.
but that can not be factor to (3^x-3)(3^x+2)=0

(%i8) 9^x-3^x-6=0;
(%o8) 9^x-3^x-6=0
(%i9) solve([%], [x]);
(%o9) [x=1,x=log(-2)/log(3)]
(%i10) factor(%o8);
(%o10) 9^x-3^x-6=0

 2. I think that 6^x*8^y=2^8*3^5 has infinitely many solutions. 
Are x any y reals or integers?

ans: the x and y are intergers.
How can I solve it?

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