[Maxima] Simple question about calculation using Maxima

Oscar oscarfh at gmail.com
Tue May 19 22:57:55 CDT 2009

sorry for writing this very simple question.
I am new to Maxima and all mathematics computation environments.
I wanted to do a simple calculation, like this:

(%i39) 3+4;
(%o39) 7

it works perfectly

but then I want to do something like this:
(%i40) 3+4+log(10);
(%o40) log(10)+7

I wanted to get the result as a number, and not an expression. Is it possible?

I have another example:

(%i23) b=2;
m(p) := 0.5*b^(1-p);
f(x,vr,p) := -[0.3+log(m(p)+(abs(vr-x))/abs(x))];
(%o23) b=2
(%o24) m(p):=0.5*b^(1-p)
(%o25) f(x,vr,p):=-[0.3+log(m(p)+abs(vr-x)/abs(x))]

(%i29) f(1,1,32);
(%o29) [-log(0.5/b^31)-0.3]

I wanted to get the result (this is the digse calculation with some
dummy input data)

How could I force Maxima to give me the result as a number?

thank you,

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