[Maxima] Simple Question

Žiga Lenarčič ziga.lenarcic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 05:09:04 CDT 2009

> I think you have to type shift-enter or ctrl-enter in order to get  
> Maxima to
> digest the input. If you just type enter you get another line to  
> type on.
> This behavior was recently introduced in the wxMaxima user interface.
> Maybe wxMaxima should somehow help users understand how to type
> stuff. Bear in mind wxMaxima is a separate project from Maxima.
> best
> Robert Dodier

Default configuration uses shift-enter for evaluation and enter for a  
new line. This behaviour can be reversed though (Configuration->Enter  
evaluates cells) if someone wants to evaluate with just enter.

I think that the default is more 'in tune' with how GUI applications  
work (in windows..), where you usualy get a new line with enter and  
therefore it's probably better for _most_ users. There have been  
quite some questions regarding how to evaluate in wxMaxima (usually  
from users of previous versions) and because of that 'shift enter  
evaluation' is mentioned in a lot of places (wxMaxima tutorials,  
wxMaxima tips..). I think most users don't have a problem with this.

Perhaps it would be beneficiary to have a category in Maxima's help  
about wxMaxima. Though these are separate programs, I think most  
Maxima users work with wxMaxima (not on this mailing list though),  
and for them, having a category in help describing how to work with  
wxMaxima could be useful. I could write it, if there are no  
objections in including a category about wxMaxima in Maxima's help (I  
personally don't see any harm in it). This category would also cover  
wxMaxima's wrapper functions for inline plots (wxplot2d,  
wxdraw2d,...) which aren't exactly documented anywhere.


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