[Maxima] maxima.el inferior-maxima-complete on Emacs 23

heroxbd at gmail.com heroxbd at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 06:42:00 CDT 2009

Hi guys,

the M-TAB in maxima.el, i.e. the function inferior-maxima-complete is
unusable on Emacs 23.

After a bit of debugging, it seems that in the calling stack of that
function, somewhere an alist is expected while a list is supplied.

I have browsed the CVS of Maxima on source forge but did not found where
maxima.el is located. I do not know where to report this bug.

Please point it out if it is not appropriate to start such topic on this

Benda Xu
Academic Talent Program,
Fundamental Science of Mathematics and Physics,
Tsinghua University,


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