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Hunter Monroe hmonroe.maxima at huntermonroe.com
Fri Jun 26 20:48:58 CDT 2009


Please let me know if you can share the lisp files for Maxima compatibility
with Mathematica. 

If anyone wants to try out Mockmma please free to check out the sourceforge
project and share your experience. Soon I will be posting a few tweaks to
wxMaxima that will let you see the Mathematica-style command line.

Would "Maximatica" be a better name than "Mockmma"?


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> Would you have any objection to me including your Mathematica 
> compatibility tools for maxima in a sourceforge project? This project 
> would develop a capability to translate Mathematica files into .mac 
> files and provide a Mathematica-style command line. This could also 
> build on Mockmma and work by Andrei Siver which has been discussed on 
> the maxima mailing list. A modest first objective might be to handle 
> the Combinatorica package created by Pemmaraju and Skiena (who hold

Yes, you are certainly welcome to use it. I suddenly got an opportunity for
a new, more demanding, job and have not touched the project for some time.

I think I only posted the perl version. In the meantime I put a lot of work
into modifiying Richards' parser (mostly because I was learning lisp) to
replace this perl, because it was so slow. I also began to recode many
compatibility functions in lisp, because I had a difficult time getting the
maxima language to behave like I wanted it to. My proof of concept goal was
to take a real-world collection of routines and get the translator and
compatibility functions to such a state that they could translate this
particular collection. I actually made a good bit of progress to that end.
However, as Richard pointed out, some of the most interesting and powerful
features of Mma are very difficult or impossible to duplicate, so such a
project has this large inherent limitation. But, I imagine there is a good
bit of application code, like the example that I was working on, that does
not used these interesting features.

I can send some of these other things, if you are interested.


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