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Sun Jun 28 11:12:05 CDT 2009

Richard, thanks for the improved instructions to avoid fully specified pathnames. To run Mockmma under wxMaxima with my tweaks to recognize the ":=" prompt, see the instructions below. See screenshot https://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=264525&ssid=107584 This does not yet bracket each Mockmma In and OUT text. 

At this point, my only changes from Richard Fateman's original Mockmma code is to apply the GCL patches; I also just added a credit to Richard. Developers are welcome to assist for instance with making Mockmma case sensitive, and improving integration with Mockmma. This would require making some changes to bracket each Mockmma In OUT text by adding XML markup so wxMaxima can distinguish prompts and interpret math output. Mockmma at the moment does not integrate at all with Maxima; I wanted to see John Lapeyre's work to avoid reinventing the wheel. 

Based on John Lapeyre's success with his Griffiths package and my experience manually translating Combinatorica.m (with permission of the authors), I think it is realistic to read in or translate to Maxima substantial chunks of Mathematica packages (those not under copyright), notwithstanding Mathematica's different evaluation rules. It is also realistic to show users familiar with Mathematica syntax the rough equivalents in Maxima. Of course it is much more ambitious to loyally reproduce Mathematica evaluation and pattern matching behavior. 

To install and run under Maxima command line or XMaxima (see below for wxMaxima). See 

1. Checkout Mockmma into the directory C:\maxima, so the files are in c:\maxima\trunk
2. Start Maxima/XMaxima with Mockmma as working directory
3. Type  to_lisp();    <return>  
4. Type
   (system::chdir "c:/maxima/trunk")    ;; or where ever you put the files
5. Type
   (load "init2.lisp")  ;; this loads some of the code written initially by Richard Fateman, constituting a parser etc 
6. Type

You should see the prompt "In[1] :=". See the screenshot https://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=264525&ssid=107584

To run under wxMaxima, install wxMaxima, and replace wxMaxima.exe with the file in the distribution. 
Then follow the instructions above. See the screenshot https://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=264525&ssid=107585 
For developers: the modified source code to wxMaxima can be found in wxMaxima.cpp; 
you also need wxMaxima.h and Setup.h. 
Download wxDev-CPP, checkout wxMaxima, and replace those three files to compile. 
The .exe file needs to be in the same directory as the art and other wxMaxima subdirectories. 

To install and run under Franz Allegro Common Lisp:

1. Download "Franz Allegro CL Free Express Edition" 
2. Do not open a project. At the prompt enter ":cd /installdirectory"
3. Enter '(load "init.lisp")'
4. Enter "(use-package :mma)"
5. Enter "(tl)"

You should see the prompt "In[1] :=".

Mockmma does not yet work with other LISPs.


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