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Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Tue Jul 14 10:32:34 CDT 2009

Thanks for all the help and sorry about my sqrt( vs Sqrt[ problem ...
Also, I didn't know about integrals.wolfram.com. I suppose the
antiderivatives that involve square roots of 5 and 3 are skipping
pedestrian methods and doing something fairly complex.


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>Reinhard Oldenburg wrote:
>> The square root has to be spelled Sqrt in Mathematica. Then 6.0 gets:
>> 2*Sqrt[1 - x^2 + 2*x*x2 - x2^2] + (1 - 2*x2)*ArcSin[x - x2]
>> RO
>Right.  Sorry I missed that.  The [] made me think it was all in
>Mathematica syntax.
>I get an answer too from Mma 6.0.
>As penance, I tried the same problem on commercial Macsyma. It leaves
>the integral unevaluated.
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