[Maxima] Error messages and line numbers display

Raymond Toy raymond.toy at stericsson.com
Tue Jul 21 07:54:09 CDT 2009

Stefano Ferri wrote:
> Error messages associated to some commands are clearly understandable, but 
> often aren't very useful, in the sense they don't make possible to rapidly find 
> where error is located.
> In example, matrix_size say this:
> The first argument of the function matrix_size must be a matrix
>  -- an error.  To debug this try debugmode(true);
> that is perfectly clear if an user is typing commands in the shell, but 
> imagine you are working with a 1000 lines .mac file containing 20 or 30 
> matrix_size commands (that's my situation). When such an error is displayed, 
> it is hard to find to which matrix_size command it is referred.
> It could be useful if also line number was displayed, in example:
It might be helpful to do as suggested and try debugmode(true). When the
error is reached, you should be able to get a backtrace and the
backtrace will show the line number.


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