[Maxima] algorithms for solving equations

Михаил Денисенко mihail_denisenko at mail.ru
Mon Oct 12 07:26:16 CDT 2009

 I work with Maxima to solve equations consist of elementary functions (polynomials, rational expressions, logarithm, trigonometric functions, exponentiation). It is significant to define domain of definition of equation and critical points of the equation. There are not any similar functionality in the developed Maxima project. I have try to add necessary functions to Maxima source code. But I have to understand structure and working logic of the maxima_solve subsystem. Is it possible to get some informations about solve functions in Maxima? Could you tell me about algorithms that were used in the implementation of the functionality for solving equations (maybe articles, books, etc.)?

Best regards,
Mihail D.

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