[Maxima] Indenting

Raymond Toy raymond.toy at stericsson.com
Mon Nov 23 09:19:59 CST 2009

Richard Hennessy wrote:
> I read an interesting blog on Lisp programming.  It said that Lisp
> programmers don't use the parentheses' to figure out what is going
> on.  They instead rely on consistent indenting style.  Does any one
> think Maxima code should be indented the same way?  I was wondering if
> my code should be changed.  I use c style indenting.
Indented in what way?  You mean the same as Lisp?  I'm not sure maxima
fits very well with Lisp indentation.  I also use a kind of C style, but
somehow that seems not right either.   And when I look at other peoples'
code, there seems to be a huge variation in style.  I don't know which
is "right" or "better" or "worse"; they're all just different.


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