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I have made rsa but i have a problem.First of all i will explain how i make it

We have "Hello"

first of all we make it a list [H,e,l,l,o]
then we give in every letter a number for example [1,2,3,4,5]
then we encrypt every number for example [11111,22222,33333,44444,55555]

And now comes my problem i take these numbers and i make mod(11111,256) where 256 is the base of ascii.
then with the number i take i find which is the letter that represents.
So i have a new list [K,w,q,r,t] and this is the text that the encrypted numbers give me.

Then from the list [11111,.......] i make the decryption and i get the Hello back..

My problem is that when i am executing the code without the code for the encrypted text([K,w,q,r,t]) everything works fine.
When i execute the whole code i get this : There was an error in generated XML.XML parsing error :'not well-formed(invalid token)' at line 1..

Can anybody help me.I can not understand why this happens...Thanks for your time reading all this...

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