[Maxima] Floating point problems

Andrew Davis glneolistmail at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 11:34:44 CST 2012

Hello all,

While doing some homework, maxima return some incorrect limits. I traced
the problem back to the number -8.14. It is evaluated to -8.140000000001,
you can test this yourself by taking the limit of (-8.14+1) as x approaches
any number, or just evaluate 1-8.14. This happens on all clisp's and even
on http://calc.matthen.com/ , (evaluate -8.14). At first I thought it was
just rounding error on display and not internal stored like that, but take
a limit that uses -8.14 and you will have undefined results where it should
have a real limit ( because -8.14 can be factored in my problem but
-8.14000001 could not ). This is the only number I found that does that,
but I suspect more.

Thank you.
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