Recent Advances on Particle Systems in Kinetic Theory

May 8-12, 2017
Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES)
Peter O’Donnell Jr Building – 201 East 24th Street
The University of Texas at Austin

A celebration of Sasha Bobylev’s impact in mathematics and computations of kinetic theory

Interacting particle transport or kinetic collisional modeling was introduced in the last quarter of the nineteenth century by L. Boltzmann and J.C. Maxwell, independently, giving birth to the area of mathematical Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics. These types of evolution models concern a class of non-local, and non-linear integro-differential problems whose rigorous mathematical and numerical approximating treatments are at the center of current scientific developments. Their applications range from rarefied elastic and inelastic gas dynamics including very low temperature regimes for quantum interactions, collisional plasmas and electron transport in nanostructures, to self-organized interacting dynamics. 

This event is dedicated to A.V. Bobylev on his seventieth birthday.

Ricardo Alonso, PUC-Rio, Brazil
Kazuo Aoki, National Taiwan U
Claude Bardos, U Paris VII, Paris
Niclas Bernhoff, Karlstad U, Sweden
Alexander (Sasha) Bobylev, KIAM, Moscow
Russel Caflisch, UCLA
Silvia Caprino, U di Roma, Tor-Vergata
Raffaele Esposito, U degli Studi dell’Aquila
Francis Filbet, Paul Sabatier U, Toulouse
François Golse, École Polytechnique, Paris
David Goldstein, UT Austin
Yan Guo, Brown U
Reinhard Illner, U of Victoria, Canada
Shi Jin, U of Wisconsin-Madison
Xuguang Lu, Tsinghua U
Rossana Marra, U di Roma
Anne Nouri, Aix-Marseille U
Lorenzo Pareschi, U of Ferrara
Irina Potapenko, KIAM, Moscow
Mario Pulvirenti, U di Roma La Sapienza
Sergej Rjasanow, U of Saarlandes
Sergio Simonella, TU München
Robert Strain, U Penn
Shigeru Takata, Kyoto U
Phillip Varghese, UT Austin
Alex Vasseur, UT Austin
Brent Wennberg, Chalmers U, Sweden
Tong Yang, City U Hong Kong


Kazuo Aoki, National Taiwan U
Irene M. Gamba, UT Austin
Reinhard Illner, U of Victoria, Canada
Giovanni Russo, U di Catania
Alex Vasseur, UT Austin
Bernt Wennberg, Chalmers U, Sweden


A limited amount of travel and local lodging is available for researchers in the early stages of their career who want to attend the full program, especially for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  Online Application


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Peter O’Donnell Jr Bldg.
201 E 24th Street
Austin, TX
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ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Funding provided by the NSF through the NSF RNMS Grant  KI-net  and  ICES.




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