New Trusted Security Certificate Installed on our Mail Server

March 28, 2012

We have installed a new TLS certificate on our mail server that is trusted by a major certificate authority. Now, you shouldn’t be prompted about any untrusted security certificates. Continue reading

TexMaths in LibreOffice

March 24, 2012

TexMaths has been deployed on our Linux workstations to allow you to use LaTeX formulas in LibreOffice. Continue reading

UT Mathematics Blog Network

March 23, 2012

Create your own blog to share ideas and information that interest you. Continue reading

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The Mathematics Department operates a state of the art heterogeneous computer network to facilitate instruction, research, and departmental administration. This is predominantly a UNIX-based system consisting of Linux Servers, Linux Desktops and a few Apple Macintosh systems.

Computer Labs

  • RLM 7.122 Undergrade Computer Lab, 40 seats
  • RLM 8.118  Graduate Lab, 12 seats
  • RLM 9.120 General Purpose lab, 6 seats
  • RLM 10.130 General Purpose lab, 6 seats
  • RLM 12.116 The 12th floor printer room, visitor office
  • RLM 13.138 General Purpose lab, 6 seats

Lab Hours:

All computer labs are open 24-7 internally. For students, the labs are accessible whenever the RLM building is accessible. Current RLM open hours are:

  • M-Th: 6:00am -- 11:00pm
  • F: 6:00am -- 10:00pm
  • Sat: 6:00am -- 5:00pm
  • Sun: 2:00pm -- 11:00pm


Publicly Accessible Computers --


Fall 2010 Computer Seminar Materials

  • The materials for the LaTeX session can be found here.

  • The materials for the Matlab session can be found here.

  • The materials for the Mathematica session can be found here.

  • How to use the Math Department's computers remotely for Windows or Mac users.