Transfer your UTMath email to other email accounts

If you don't have subfolders on UTMath mail server, you can use these instructions to migrate your email to Gmail or you email. The following instructions is for migrating multiple mail folders to other accounts.

The simplest method to transfer your UTMath out to other servers is to use a modern email client, like Thunderbird.

The requirement is that your other email server must allow IMAP access. All major email providers support IMAP. For example, gmail, yahoo, office365.

Outline of the migration process

  1. Install a modern email client.
  2. Add your UT Math account to your email client.
  3. Add your other email account to your email client.
  4. Test and confirm that both accounts are working.
  5. Drag and drop folders from your UT Math email account to your other email account. Depending on the size of your UT Mail boxes, this may take a while
  6. Verify all emails are transfered
  7. Delete your UT Math account (not the emails) from your email client.
  8. If you don't use the email client, remove the application.

In the following, I'll show your in detail how to transfer your UT Math email to an account using Thunderbird.

Step 1. Download and install Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an open source email client from Mozilla. It is available for all major Operating systems. The installation is rather simple, and varies across platforms. You'll have to install it yourself. If you are not allowed to install software on your computer, get help from your local system administrators.

Step 2. Add your UT Math account to Thunderbird

Open your Thunderbird application, open the Account Settings dialog. It is listed under one of the main menus (For Mac, it is under Tools, for linux, it is under Edit).

Select "Add an Mail Account" from the "Account Actions" menu at the bottom.

Fill in your name, your UT Math email address and your login password. Hit Continue.

On the next screen, hit the "Manual Config" button while Thunderbird is trying to figure out connection settings.

On the manual configure screen. Enter the Server settings as the following.

Hit the "Done" button when your finish. Thunderbird should be able to connect to our mail server without issues. If it couldn't connect, double check your username and password first, then your internet settings.

Thunderbird should now list your UTMath account on the left pane in the main window. If you click on your Inbox, it should retrieve and list your emails. If you click on the little down arrow to the left of your UTMath account, it should expand and list all your mailboxes.

Step 3. Add your (or gmail) account to Thunderbird

The instructions for adding gmail to an IMAP client is described here. List below from my test. The two important points are:

Enable IMAP from your (or gmail) settings

Logon to your (or gmail ) account, click on the little gears icon on top right and select "Settings".

On the Settings screen, click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" and check Enable IMAP

Turn on "Lesser Secure Apps"

Goto and turn it on.

Goto you Thunderbird Account Settings and select Add Mail Account again. On the first screen, fill in your email account info, and hit Continue.

On the next screen, click on the "Manual Config" button.

Fill in the server info as the follows.

Click the "Done" button after your finish.

You should now be able to check your (or gmail) via Thunderbird.

Step 4. Test both accounts in Thunderbird

You should now do a couple of test on both accounts to make sure email works. For example, sending a couple of emails to external addresses to make sure they're received. Send a couple of emails from external accounts to your UTMath and accounts and make sure you see them in Thunderbird.

Step 5. Move your UTMath emails to your account

The first thing you need to do is to file your email to folders. You can't move your main INBOX directly (well, you can using POP, but you can't migrate other folders using POP.). You should be able to create subfolders under either accounts. For example, I create a new folder MAIN under my test UTMath account and moved everything from my UTMath Inbox there. I also create a folder mtest@UTMATH under my account. I'll use this folder to store all my old emails from UTMath.

To move UTMath mail folder to your account, simply drag the folder and drop it onto a folder under your account. For example, I dragged and dropped all folders from my UTMath test account to the mtest@UTMATH folder under my account.

Please contact us if you encounter issues during migration.

Step 6. Clean up

If you don't plan to use Thunderbird after you finish your migration, simply delete the application. Otherwise, you should delete your UTMATH account from Thunderbird.

If you want to continue use your email address, please send your forwarding email to us. Your UTMath account will be closed around the time specified in your first closure notification.