Materials for LaTeX Tutorial

Below are several links to files or webpages that were useful during the LaTeX tutorial.
To download all of these files at once, click here.

Here is a sample .tex file with some useful syntax examples (thanks to Maorong Zou).
For the references to work correctly, also download this .bib file.

Here is a sample .tex file showing how to make slides in the Beamer environment.
It includes a sample graphic, so also download this .pdf graphic, compile with pdflatex.

Here  is the official University of Texas page with the LaTeX dissertation package.
There is another file that you will need to include: citesort.sty. My experience with this
package was generally positive. I was told by the person who reviewed my thesis that the
formatting was correct except for two items. First, the index was in the wrong place (a
fellow grad student did not receive this complaint, so I am not sure  what the true protocol
is) so I simply removed the index by commenting out the \printindex line in the main tex
file. Second, I was told not to put my true permanent address or the names of my parents
in the acknowledgements or vita sections because the file will be open to anyone via the
internet. In place of a permanent address, it was recommended that I use an email address
that I intend to keep.

The not-so-short introduction to LaTeX can be downloaded here.

To work with LaTeX at home, for Windows users, WINEdit is shareware, for Mac users
TeXShop is open source software, and for Linux users, one option is Kile.