Email Migration FAQ


To comply with a mandate by UT Austin’s Information Security Office to eliminate all locally managed email servers on campus.


From Feb 19 through May 1.


The migration will be handled by the migration team from CNS-OIT, in coordination with our users, one by one.


Here is an outline of the migration process:
  • You sign up for a slot in our weekly doodle scheduler, to schedule a time with our team.
  • On every Tuesdday, we send the list of users to be migrated next week to ITS, to have your email created on office 365 servers.
  • We'll copy your email to office365 servers the night before your appointment, and do a final sync before your appointment. You'll have no access to our local imap service after the final sync. Your inbound will be forwarded to office365 after the final sync.
  • During your appointment, Bryan Welch, our user support specialist will come to your office to assist you configuring your email clients. Please bring in all devices you use to check email, if possible.

Why do I need to sign up for a time slot?

This is so that our user support specialist can help you configure your email client to use Office365 servers, and to ensure everything works after the migration. During your appointment time, you'll be asked to enter your EID password a few times.

I'm on leave this semester, what should I do?

The migration process is simple enough that it can be done remotely. All you need to do after we finish copying your emails to office365 are (1) Login to "Outlook Web App (OWA)" set your timezone to " US Central Time" and (2) Configure your email client to use Office365 servers (see details below). If needed, we can setup a conference call with you to complete the process.

You still need to sign up a time slot so we can add you to our workflow.

Will there be interruption to my email service?

No interruption is expected, except during your appointment time when your email client is reconfigured.

Will I lose my email address?

No. Your address stays. In addition to that, you'll get an address. If you have used UT exchange server before, or you are affiliated with other departments, you may have a few additional email addresses. Future emails to all those addresses will be delivered to the same mailbox on office365.

What is Office365?

Office365 is the cloud email service hosted by Microsoft (in the context of this page). More info is available from here.

More information about Office365 Migration is avaliable from here.

What can I do to help?

  1. Please clean up you Trash folder a few days before the migration.
  2. Please keep your appointment.
  3. If you encounter problems, please report them to as soon as possible.

What are server settings for office365?

If you need to configure your email client yourself (e.g on your home computer), here are the server settings for office365.
Inbound server:
Inbound server port: 993 (IMAP) - SSL is required
SMTP server:
SMTP port: 587 - TLS is required
Username: your full email address
Password: Your EID password
Here are some detailed instructions for configure various clients:

Is there a webmail client for Office365?

Yes. You may want to bookmark it.

The standard office apps are also available to you on office365 portal.

What happens to my email when I part from UT?

ITS will keep your Office365 account active for 30 days after your appointment ends. You'll need to transfer your email away during this grace period.

Can I use other email services than office365?

Yes. You can use UTmail, a service run by Google. If you choose this route, please note the following.
  1. The migration process is a bit more complex, and you're expected to complete the migration yourself. Instructions are available from here.
  2. Google does not guarantee that your email data will stay within the borders of USA, which is required by some goverment funding agencies like DOD.
  3. You'll still need an account on office365, to keep your address valid.

Are there any more info?

Letter to Math Users

Info session will be held on Feb 16, Feb 23, March 4 and March 11 in RLM 8.136, 10:00am-11:30am. If you have questions or concerns, please drop by.