Information theory publications



Poisson Cox Point Processes for Vehicular Networks

Chang-Sik Choi and François Baccelli arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.04556
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A Unified Asymptotic Analysis of Area Spectral Efficiency in Ultradense Cellular Networks

Ahmad AlAmmouri, Jeffrey G. Andrews, and François Baccelli arXiv:1712.07733
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An Analytical Framework for Coverage in Cellular Networks Leveraging Vehicles

Chang-Sik Choi and François Baccelli arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.09453
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Spatial Birth Death Wireless Networks

Abishek Sankararaman and François Baccelli IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 63(6): 3964-3982 (2017)
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2017_1000869 2016-08-11_1000660

On the Entropy and Mutual Information of Point Processes

François Baccelli, Jae Oh Woo IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory 2016/695-699
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Capacity and Error Exponents of Stationary Point Processes under Random Additive Displacements

Venkat Anantharam and François Baccelli Advances Applied Prob. Volume 47, Number 1, 2015
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Robust exponential memory in Hopfield networks

Christopher Hillar and Ngoc Mai Tran arXiV 2014
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A binary Hopfield network with 1/\log(n) information rate and applications to grid cell decoding

Ila Fiete, David J. Schwab and Ngoc M Tran 2nd Workshop on Biological Distributed Algorithms 2014
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Community Detection on Euclidean Random Graphs

Abishek Sankararaman and François Baccelli ArXiv 2017
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Interference Queuing Networks on Grids

Abishek Sankararaman, François Baccelli and Sergey Foss ArXiv 2017
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