• April 2017: Anup Biswas, former Simons Postdoctoral Felllow of the center receives the Young Scientist Award in Mathematics by the Indian National Science Academy.
  • April 10, 2017: James Murphy, graduate student of the center gives his Candidacy Talk.
  • April 2017: In its 2017 edition the Center for World University Rankings ranks UT Austin first in the domain of Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Applications.
  • March 2017: Thibaud Taillefumier, faculty in the Department of Mathematics and in the Department of Neuroscience, member of the center, is awarded a 2017 Sloan Fellowship for his work at the interplay of neuroscience and applied mathematics.
  • November 2016: Rachel Ward, faculty in the Department of Mathematics and member of the center receives the IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications for her contributions to the mathematics of machine learning and signal processing.
  • November 2016: Fran├žois Baccelli receives a honorary doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK.
  • 2016: Mir-Omid Haji-Mirsadeghi, visiting scholar of the center, receives the Behboudain prize of the Iranian Statistical Society.This prize is awarded every two years for the best research in Probability and Statistics among researchers under 40.
  • May 2015: An NSF grant on the mathematical modeling of millimeter wave wireless networks was awarded to J. Andrews, Fran├žois Baccelli and R. Heath: NSF CCF CIF, “Fundamental Properties of Millimeter Wave Networks: Signal, Interference, and Connectivity“.