Scaling laws for ergodic spectral efficiency in MIMO Poisson networks

Ergodic spectral efficiency quantifies the achievable Shannon transmission rate per unit area, and captures the effects of rate adaptation techniques. Junse Lee, Namyoon Lee and Fran├žois Baccelli studied the benefits of multiple antenna communication in ad-hoc networks using this metric. In this work, the primary finding is that, with knowledge of channel state information between a receiver and its associated transmitter, the ergodic spectral efficiency can be made to scale linearly with both 1) the minimum of the number of transmit and receive antennas and 2) the density of nodes. This scaling law is achieved when the multiple transmit antennas send multiple data streams and the multiple receive antennas are leveraged to cancel interference. Spatial multiplexing transmission methods are shown to be essential for obtaining better and eventually optimal scaling laws in such random wireless networks.