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The Amherst-at-Austin Program in Mathematics is a unique opportunity for Amherst students to study abroad in the
exotic foreign land of Texas. Inspired by the success of other study-abroad opportunities offered by the college, the
Amherst math department has initiated this program specifically for students interested in mathematics. The UT math
department boasts a top-notch faculty, lots of blackboards, and an undergraduate student body whose sheer size never
ceases to amaze. As visiting students in Austin, those admitted to the program will be fully integrated into the
intellectual and social life of one of the world's most orange universities. But don't just take my word for it. Check
out these stunning testimonials:

"Austin: It's not like Amherst at all." - A. Gillette '04

"Where are all the other Amherst people?" - Andrew G. '04

"Austin is an impossible place for a university. Let's steal half the books from PCL and march 42 miles east-southeast at a heading of 123.1 degrees to form a new, better university." - Zephaniah Swift Moore, founder of Amherst-In-Austin program

Note: The Amherst-At-Austin program is in no way affiliated with the Williams-at-Austin Program