Ahmad Issa

Email: aissa at math dot utexas dot edu
Office: RLM 11.134

I'm a fourth year graduate student in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. My advisor is Cameron Gordon. I'm interested in 3 and 4-dimensional topology, especially the interaction between smooth 4-manifold theory, Heegaard Floer homology and 3-manifolds. I am also interested in triangulations of 3 and 4-manifolds.

Before coming to Austin, I studied at the University of Melbourne in Australia where I completed a Master of Science under the supervision of Craig Hodgson.


Non-geometric veering triangulations, joint with Craig Hodgson and Henry Segerman, Exp. Math. 25 (2016), no. 1, 17-45.
( arXiv | journal )

The classification of quasi-alternating Montesinos links.
( arXiv )


Master's thesis: Non-geometric veering triangulations.


Non-geometric veering triangulations. (beamer slides)
Oklahoma State University - Topology Seminar, March 14th 2014.

Embedding 3-manifolds in the 4-sphere. (beamer slides)
University of Texas at Austin - Candidacy talk, May 2nd 2016.

Computer programs

Veering is a computer program which can be used to construct veering triangulations of mapping tori as introduced by Ian Agol.