M328K: Elementary Number Theory, Spring 2017
Daniel Allcock
unique number 54525: MWF 11-12 in RLM 5.122;

This is where I will post homework assignments and other announcements. For general information, including office hours, see the first-day handout.

HW1 (due friday Jan. 27)
HW2 (due friday Feb. 3)
HW3 (due friday Feb. 10)
HW4 (due friday Feb. 17)
HW5 (due friday Feb. 24)
HW6 (due friday Mar. 3)
HW7 (due friday Mar. 10)
HW8 (due friday Mar. 24)
HW9 (due friday Mar. 31)
HW10 (due friday Apr. 7)
HW11 (due friday Apr. 14)
HW12 (due friday Apr. 21)
HW13 (due friday Apr. 28)
HW14 (due WEDNESDAY May 3)