M328K: Elementary Number Theory, Spring 2018
Daniel Allcock
unique number 53920: MWF 12-1 in RLM 5.122;
my office hours: Mon 3-4 and Wed 2-3 RLM 9.112
my office phone number is 1-1120, but it's not very useful.
(my last name)@math.utexas.edu.

This is where I will post homework assignments and other announcements. For general information, including office hours, see the first-day handout.

HW1 (due friday Jan. 26)
HW2 (due friday Feb. 2)
HW3 (due friday Feb. 9)
HW4 (due friday Feb. 16; please note there is a page 2)
HW5 (due friday Feb. 23)
HW6 (due friday Mar. 2)