Jason Callahan

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Classes Taught as a Lecturer (Instructor of Record)
  • Introduction to Real Analysis (M 361K).  Summer 2009.
  • Differential and Integral Calculus (M 408C).  Summer 2009.

Classes Taught as an Assistant Instructor (Instructor of Record)
  • Supervised Teaching in Mathematics (M 398T).  Fall 2008.
  • Differential Calculus (M 408K).  Spring 2007, Fall 2007, and Spring 2008.
  • Elementary Functions and Coordinate Geometry (M 305G).  Fall 2005 (two sections), Spring 2006, and Summer 2007.
  • Elementary Functions and Coordinate Geometry with Parallel Instruction (M 305G and M 210T).  Fall 2006.

Classes Taught as a Teaching Assistant
  • Advanced Calculus for Applications I (M 427K).  Spring 2004.

Additional Training and Affiliations
  • Assisted Ombudsman, Department of Mathematics, UT-Austin, checking students’ prerequisites and advising them during course registration add/drop period, Spring 2009.
  • College of Natural Sciences Teaching Strategies Workshop.  The University of Texas at Austin.  October 17-18, 2008.
  • Co-founded an independent record label, I Eat Records, 2005.  Released and promoted seven albums for six different artists.  Booked and promoted national tours for five different artists, including several local benefit shows for SafePlace and Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.
  • Associate Editor, Publishers Resource Group, Austin, TX, March to August 2002.  Edited and authored content for Prentice Hall high school mathematics textbooks to match education standards specific to each state.
  • The University of Texas at Austin Women's Athletics Department, Tutor.  Spring 2002.
  • Resident Assistant, Division of Housing, The University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2000 and Spring 2001.
  • Tutor/Mentor, Lincoln Action Program, Lincoln, NE, Spring 1999, for middle school students overcoming socioeconomic disadvantage.
  • Tutor, Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 1999, for international students overcoming language and cultural barriers.
  • Actuarial Intern, USAA, San Antonio, TX. Received Way2Go Award for analyzing competitive position for various automobile insurance policies. Summer 1999.
  • Actuarial Intern, Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation, Lincoln, NE. Received Silver Bison Award for automating production of quarterly performance reports for life insurance products. 1998.
  • Resource Planning Department Intern, CPS Energy, San Antonio, TX. Received Student Assistance for Education Scholarship for conducting mathematical models to forecast future energy consumption and production. Summers 1996 and 1997.

a typical class of mine, enjoying mathematics as usual

Anonymous Student Comments from Course Evaluations
  • I felt Mr. Callahan was always willing to help students and encourage questions. He always tried to explain material in different ways to reach out to the students and give examples.”
  • Jason Callahan is a passionate and understanding instructor. His lectures were entertaining as well as informative and educational. He was always available when I needed help.”
  • Excellent teaching skills, fully capable and knowledgeable. Best math instructor I’ve had to date. He engaged the class, made us feel free to ask any questions, and overall explained everything clearly and well.”
  • Jason was an extremely competent and effective teacher. He made the class fun and truly gave me an appreciation of calculus that I would not have gained otherwise.”
  • The best teacher I have had in my whole life. He made me feel confident in my work by explaining everything very well. Was very helpful in and out of class. Most of all, he made class fun and worthwhile.”
  • Jason was an excellent instructor, one of my favorites. His class was enjoyable as well as informative. He knows how to mix humor into the material which makes it easier and more enjoyable to attend lectures.”
  • He took the time to make sure you understood everything. If you didn’t get it, it wasn’t awkward to ask; he was really easy to ask for help.”
  • He seemed very enthusiastic and was always open for questions. I’m terrible at math, but he explained the material very well, in a way I could understand.”
  • The instructor was the most well organized I have had so far. He made available lots of opportunities for learning that was beyond his responsibility.”
  • Very effective teaching methods. Ensured that his students understood the course material. Even students not registered for his section sat in on his lectures.”
  • Jason is a great prof. He will explain topics until everyone understands them. He is also easy to talk to.”
  • Jason Callahan has been the most talented math teacher I have ever had. His notes were very informative and helpful; without him, let’s just say I would have been in trouble. He seems like a nice guy, and it was cool how he learned the names of his students and truly cared.”
  • I loved how you wrote out everything so if I didn’t catch it the first time it’d be on the board, but what I enjoyed the most in this class was how you always showed us where we were in the world of differential equations, and your great sense of humor helped me stay awake and prevented the class from getting too boring. Best TA I’ve had thus far.”
  • Jason Callahan is a thoughtful, caring instructor. He is concerned with our progress as TAs and has valuable advice to give. He also cares about us as grad students, how we are doing with prelims. He does a great job and is very knowledgeable.”