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I am a professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. For more information about the Geometry Group here in Austin, please follow the indicated link.

Curriculum vita [pdf]

Address and Phone

Department of Mathematics
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712

(512) 471-7136 (office)
(512) 471-9038 (fax)

Email address: dafr@math.utexas.edu


I have worked on a variety of problems centering around global issues in geometry and global analysis. My work often relates to questions in theoretical physics (quantum field theory, string theory, and M-theory), and I count physicists among my collaborators.

Some recent papers | more

On Determinant Line Bundles

Classical Chern-Simons, Part 2 [ps, pdf]

Some Expository Papers

There are more expository papers among the links at the recent papers and more links displayed above.

1992 lectures on TQFT

2001 IAS/Park City Lectures on Field Theory and Supersymmetry [ps, pdf]

(Unfinished) notes on Dirac operators

Lecture Slides

As part of a series of lectures on the Clay problems, I spoke in April, 2001 about the Hodge conjecture. You can view the slides from the lecture [Internet Explorer, Netscape with frames/Safari, no frames]

In April, 2006 I gave the Andrejewski Lectures at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig. The lectures are entitled "Twisted K-theory and the Verlinde Algebra". You can view the slides from the first lecture; the remaining lectures were blackboard talks.

I spoke at the MSRI 25th Anniversary Celebration in January, 2008. The talk is entitled "Remarks on Chern-Simons Theory" (slides, pdf)

Slides from a talk "The Geometry and Topology of Orientifolds" at a workshop Topology, C*-algebras, and String Duality, May, 2009

Slides from a talk "Dirac charge quantiation, K-theory, and orientifolds" at a workshop "Mathematical methods in general relativity and quantum field theories", November, 2009

Slides from a talk "Modularity and Invertibility" at the Michael Freedman 60th Birthday Symposium, April, 2011

Slides from a talk "Remarks on fully extended 3-dimensional topological field theories" at String-Math, June, 2011

Slides and paper from a talk "The Cobordism Hypothesis" at Current Events Bulletin, Joint Mathematics Meeting, January, 2012

Slides [pdf] from a talk "3-dimensional TQFTs through the lens of the cobordism hypothesis" at Stanford Topology Conference, July 2012

Slides from a talk "4-3-2-8-7-6" at "Aspects of Topology" in honor of Graeme Segal, Oxford, December 2012

Slides from a talk "What is Quantum Field Theory?" at "Berkeley Math-Physics Meeting", Berkeley, April 2015


M392C: Bordism: Old and New (Fall '12)

M375T: Multivariable Analysis (Spring '13)

M365G: Curves and Surfaces (Fall '13)

M382C: Algebraic Topology (Fall '13)

M392C: K-theory (Fall '15)


Saturday Morning Math: Close Enough for Horseshoes, Hand Grenades...and Analysis
     Keynote slides (lower-res faster)
     Mathematica demos from the lecture (pdf)

Saturday Morning Math: How to Solve It (slides)