Kathy Davis

The Facts

I’m Kathy Davis, an Associate Professor in Mathematics. In addition to teaching, I’m writing a calculus book. Also I’m older.

Things I Teach

  1. -M408C Calculus I

  2. -M408D Calculus II

  3. -M361K Intro to Analysis

  4. -Intro to Math Biology

More About Me

  1. -Life and People


-Calculus Sin Frontera


Japan, Vancouver and UT: three places in my life, and a camera.


My partner and I were first married in Vancouver, in 2003. Winter: rain, cold, and we fell in love with the place.  Longs walks along the ocean; crashing waves and nothing between us and the Sea of Japan. We stop in a Malaysian, maybe a Japanese place. Maybe our pub: the brewmeister knows us, pulls up a chair and tells us about the new IPA he’s made. Later, in the evening, we watch a storm rolling down from the North Shore mountains.  Home of our hearts.


When I met my partner, she’d just returned from 6 years in Japan. Classic first date line: “So where do you go in this town for a good bowl of noodles?” She spent the next 23 years telling me about it. Never really took until I watched yuri anime, in Japanese with subtitles. I tell her, ‘for the first time in 23 years I can understand what you’re saying.’


A few years ago, I needed a break from high-pressure administration, and I got a used Leica camera: one of those things, takes a lifetime to learn. Meanwhile, I’m looking at UT through its people and special places. Check out my photo page!