West Coast Number Theory Conference 2011

December 16 (Evening Banquet) through December 20 (Lunch)

Asilomar Conference Center in Monterey (Pacific Grove), California

  • 1. Contact Information
  • 2. How to Register
  • 3. Directions to Asilomar
  • 4. Financial Support (WE'RE FUNDED!!!)
  • 5. Problem Sets
  • 6. Programs from 2009/2010/2011
  • 7. Format of the Conference
  • 8. Service and Thanks
  • 9. Asilomar's Webpage

    1. Contact Information:

    Organizer: Bart Goddard
    University of Texas at Austin
    Mathematics Department
    1 University Station C1200
    Austin, TX 78712-0257

    E-mail me

    2. How to register:

    A. Please register as soon as possible. It helps me plan and it helps us get the space we need (the more people who sign up early, the bigger meeting room we get.). Rooms are on a first come basis. A few people stay off grounds in local motels. (It helps the conference in general if you stay on grounds.) It would help me if the off-grounds people would also register promptly, since Asilomar is hounding me for accurate head counts already.

    B. If you are planning on staying on grounds, print this Word document, or this PDF document fill it out and send it with your payment directly to Asilomar (this includes four nights and all meals). Vegetarian, kosher and other dietary options are available. Contact Asilomar directly to arrange such things. Asilomar has arrangements (for an extra price) to supply strictly Kosher meals under the supervision of Chabad of Monterey

    C. Whether you are staying on grounds or off grounds, download and print this Word document or this PDF document and send it with your registration fee to me. Please note that this means that you need to write two checks and send them to two different places. Asilomar takes credit cards, but I do not. Attendees from out of the country who won't have U.S. funds until they get to the U.S. should feel free to pay the registration fee upon arrival. The registration fee is $70 per number theorist ($50 for a student.) Plus...

    Please note that Asilomar charges an $10.00 per day "daily use fee" for those staying off grounds. On-grounds people shouldn't pay this fee. If you're staying off grounds, but will not be there for the entire 5 days, then feel free to make your own adjustment to this fee, by pro-rating for the number of days you'll be present. (Attending the banquet counts as a day.)

    Another NOTE: This year, we reserved no "standard" or "deluxe" rooms, so Asilomar's form gives options for only "historic" rooms, which are the least expensive. If you want to upgrade to a fancier room (these often have fireplaces, and are more modern) you can arrange this directly with Asilomar by calling the number on their housing form (the Word or PDF file linked above.)

    3. How to get there.

    By Air: Monterey has an airport serviced by major airlines. Taxis, rental cars and public transportation are available from there to the Asilomar Conference Grounds. NOTE: The city bus does not run on Sunday.

    Driving directions and maps are avialable on Asilomar's website:

    Those coming from San Francisco and San Jose airports can take the Monterey-Salinas Airbus to Monterey Transit Plaza (for the city bus) in downtown Monterey for $50 or $40, each way. There's a discount for buying your ticket online. Reservations are recommended. Greyhound and Amtrak will also get you to the Monterey bus system.

    4. Support:

    The NSA has awarded us a grant of about $11,000 to fund the travel of graduate students and (if there is enough) junior faculty and (if there is still enough) others who don't have support from their own grants or institutions. Normally, we are able to reimburse 95% to 100% of travel and lodging expenses for every qualified applicant. These funds can be used only for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

    Support is reimbursement, so you won't really need official forms until December (and they likely won't exist till then.) I would like to start promising money now, so if you'd like to apply for support, please estimate your expenses (probably $450 for room and board at Asilomar plus $50 registration fee plus your airfair) and e-mail it to me. I'll try to get back quickly saying something like "I promise, subject to your citizenship, to reimburse at least $n of your expenses." I expect n to be at least 800 in most cases.

    The Number Theory Foundation has awarded us some funds for attendees who are students and don't qualify for NSA funds. We should be able to cover $300 to $500 of expenses per student while funds last.

    5. The Problems Sets:

    Here are PDF's of the problems sets from previous meetings.

    2010 Orem, Utah

    2009 Asilomar

    2008 Fort Collins, Colorado

    2007 Asilomar

    2006 Ensenada

    2005 Asilomar

    2004 Las Vegas

    2003 Asilomar

    2002 San Francisco

    2001 Asilomar and 2001 Cover Page

    2000 San Diego and 2000 Cover Page

    6. Program from the 2009 and 2010 Conferences

    Here are PDF's listing the speakers and their titles from the 2010 Conference which was held in Orem, Utah and the 2009 conference which was held at Asilomar. I make it available to give an idea of the participant list and the wide variety and level of talks one can expect at this conference. (This document may not reflect last minute changes that were made to the program.)

    2009 Schedule of Talks

    2010 Schedule of Talks

    2011 Schedule of Talks

    7. Format of the Conference:

    We will begin with an opening banquet on the evening of Dec. 16 at 6 pm. Attendence at the banquet is optional, and there is an additional surcharge of $12 for the meal (which means that the cost for off-grounds attendees is $18 plus the $10 "daily use fee.") People wanting Kosher or Vegan or other options should contact Asilomar directly.

    After dinner, we will retire to the meeting room, where we'll have a quick meeting where titles are submitted and a schedule of talks is hastily assembled. People who skip the banquet are welcome to meet the rest of us at the meeting room. Tentatively we'll schedule this meeting for 7:30 pm. If you can't make the meeting and want to give a talk, I'm happy to receive your title early and submit it for you. Please indicate which session (analytic, algebraic, combinatoric, elementary, etc.) and any time restrictions you might have.

    The length allowed for all talks is usually about 15 or 20 minutes, including time for questions. Dec. 17 and 19 will be full days of talks, while Dec. 18 will have talks in the morning, leaving the afternoon for our "afternoon off" for sightseeing and recreation. Dec. 20 will be another half day. Two problem sessions will be scheduled during the conference, where unsolved problems are presented. The results from previous problem sessions are given above.

    We will arrange for an overhead projector and a computer projector. The chalkboards that have been available in the past have been woefully inadequate.

    I do bring a small supply of blank transparencies and markers, but they get snarfed up quickly by non-self-sufficient attendees. I'll try to get you whatever you need if I have enough lead time, but I recommend that you bring your own stuff, and not rely on my limited resourcefulness.

    8. Service and Thanks:

    I am happy to help in any way. If downloading the forms doesn't work, then I can e-mail or snail mail them. If you know of someone who wants to be added to the e-mail list, then please let me know or have them mail me.

    Corrections and additions to this page are welcome.