M365C Real Analysis I

Unique: #54460
Semester: Fall 2017
Lecture: MWF 12-1, RLM 7.124

Professor: Robert Gompf, RLM 12.154
Office hours: MWF 10:20-10:55, W 2-2:45 or by appointment.
Exam week:  M 12/11 10:20-10:55, W 12/13 2-3.
Office phone: (512) 471-8182
E-mail: gompf@math.utexas.edu

TA: Lingfan Chen

 Syllabus and prerequisites

Text: Maxwell Rosenlicht, Introduction to Analysis, Dover, 1968, ISBN 0-486-65038-3.

Homework will be collected Friday mornings at the beginning of class (or immediately if you arrive late that day). If you can't attend that day, you can slip the paper under my door before noon on the due date. Late papers will not be accepted. Solutions will be posted on Canvas on the due date. (Look under "files" on the menu at the left.) HW#12 (which would otherwise be due on Thanksgiving weekend) will be collected on the following Monday. HW#14 will be assigned but not collected.

Your current grade data will be available on Canvas .
Exams: In class on Wed. October 4 (covers HW #1-4) and Wed. November 1 (covers HW #5-8).
Final exam as officially scheduled: Thursday, December 14, 2-5 PM, in our usual room. Covers through HW#14, Rosenlicht VII.1. Emphasis will be on material not covered by the previous exams. The final may be weighted more heavily toward proofs than the midterms.
Course grades will be determined by homework (20%), in-class exams (25% each) and final exam (30%). Attendance will not be included. Plus/minus grades will be used as needed.

Approximate schedule of lectures:
The real numbers (Rosenlicht Ch. II): 4 lectures
Cardinality: 1 lecture
Metric spaces (Ch. III):  15 lectures
Continuous functions (Ch. IV): 9 lectures
Differentiation (Ch. V): 4 lectures
Riemann integration (Ch. VI): 7 lectures

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