Iordan Ganev

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics
The University of Texas at Austin
Office: RLM 13.150
Email: iganev [at] math [dot] utexas [dot] edu

Research Interests

My interests are in geometric representation theory. My advisor is David Ben-Zvi.

During Spring 2012 and part of Summer 2012, I co-organized a learning seminar on categorical representation theory related topics.

I co-organized a workshop on Yangians and quantum loop algebras, which was held near Austin in May 2014.

Talks and lecture notes

Here are a few talks I have presented:


In addition to the notes above, here are some other things I have written:

  • Real and quaternionic representations of finite groups. (pdf)
  • SU(2) as a double cover of SO(3) and related topics. (pdf)
  • Undergraduate project: Groups of square-free order. (pdf)