Iordan Ganev

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics
The University of Texas at Austin
Office: RLM 13.150
Email: iganev [at] math [dot] utexas [dot] edu

During Fall 2014, I am at MSRI (office 307) to participate in a special program on geometric representation theory.

Research Interests

My research area is geometric representation theory. My advisor is David Ben-Zvi.

One of my current research projects involves a quantization of hypertoric varieties. The quantization features a certain algebra of q-difference operators on affine space. When q is a root of unity, this algebra gives rise to an Azumaya algebra on the muliplicative hypertoric variety, via a Hamiltonian reduction procedure. We are currently working on a localization theorem and on conditions for finite homological dimension. Various aspects of this work are joint with or guided by David Jordan, Nicholas Cooney, and Kobi Kremnitzer. Please email me if you would like to see a draft of this work.

I co-organized a workshop on Yangians and quantum loop algebras, which was held near Austin in May 2014.

During Spring 2012 and part of Summer 2012, I co-organized a learning seminar on categorical representation theory related topics.

Talks and lecture notes

Here are a few talks I have presented:


In addition to the notes above, here are some other things I have written:

  • Real and quaternionic representations of finite groups. (pdf)
  • SU(2) as a double cover of SO(3) and related topics. (pdf)
  • Undergraduate project: Groups of square-free order. (pdf)