Math361: Complex Variables
Spring 2016. The webpage can be found here
Math392C: Rational Homotopy Theory
Fall 2015. The webpage can be found here
Math361: Complex Variables
Spring 2015. The webpage can be found here.
Math408C: Calculus
Fall 2014. The webpage can be found here.
Math408M: Multivariable Calculus
Spring 2014. The webpage can be found here.
Math408D: Differential and Integral Calculus II
Fall 2013. The webpage can be found here.

Teaching Assistant

At Stanford a teaching assistant runs section and holds three office hours a week.

Math 51 : Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus
Introduces linear algebra (vectors, matrices, bases, change of basis) and basic differential multivariable calculus (partial derivatives, chain rule, optimization).
I have TAed this course three times : Autumn 2009, Spring 2011, Autumn 2011

Course Assistant

A course assistant holds six office hours a week, grades homework, tests, and produces homework solutions. The following is a list of courses I've CAed.

Math 52A : Integral Multivariable Calculus
This covers the basis of integral multivariable calculus and all of the accompanying fun : polar and cylindrical coordinates, Jacobians, etc. I CAed this in Autumn 2008.

Math 151 : Differential Topology An introduction to differential topology. Basically covers Guillemin and Pollack. I CAed this in Spring 2010.

Math 116: Complex Analysis
An introduction to complex analysis at the level of Ahlfors. I CAed this in Winter 2011.

Math 121 : Modern Algebra II : Galois Theory
A second course in abstract algebra. Fields and Galois theory. The course essentially covers the relevant chapters in Dummit and Foote. I CAed this in Winter 2012